The Benefits of Sodium Bicarbonate for Laying Hens

  • The sodium bicarbonate(baking soda) is an effective substance to regulate metabolism and acid- base balance of the chicken body. Sodium bicarbonate can promote the growth of the chicken body, improve the capacity of laying eggs, strengthen the chicken's physique, enhance the chicken's resistances to disease. Adding sodium bicarbonate powder in the laying hens' feed can increase the consistence of sodium ion and bicarbonate ion in the chicken body's blood. This benefits to the formulation of eggshells; sodium bicarbonate can increase the activity of phosphate in feed, satisfy the layer hens' demand for phosphate, increase the hardness of eggshells, reduce the ratio of defective eggs such as soft preserved eggs, thin shelled eggs, deformed eggs and so on. Sodium bicarbonate also can improve the using rate of protein in laying hens' diets, thereby improve the egg production.
  • The means of feeding sodium bicarbonate powder on laying hens is as follows, when the flocks environmental temperature is below 26℃, if the egg production is abnormal, you can try to add sodium bicarbonate powder accounted for 0.1% of laying hens' diet. If the environmental temperature is over 26℃, along with the environmental temperature's increase, the sodium bicarbonate powder's quantity can be added up to 0.3% of laying hens' diet, but it can't be added without limitation.
  • Please note:
  • At the same time, decrease the feeding quantity of table salt in order to prevent the laying hens poisoning caused by absorbing too much sodium. In summer, when the flocks environmental temperature reaches 30℃, it is more appropriate to add 0.25% of sodium bicarbonate powder and 0.2% of tablet salt in layer's diet, that can prevent abnormal egg production from calcium carbonate's inadequate supply, and also avoid laying hens poisoned because of absorbing too much sodium. Since sodium bicarbonate is soon broken down when heated, that will affect the using results. When feeds with layer, stirring at the same time is necessary. Or the result will be bad.